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Since 1994, Professor Shaw has been a professor in the Government Department at the University of Texas at Austin. He teaches American Government, Campaigns & Elections, Public Opinion & Voting Behavior, and Political Parties. Professor Shaw also serves as director of the Fox News Poll, and is a member of the Fox News Decision Team.



Attitudes towards Science & Scientists

Much has been written about the influence of political attitudes on deference towards scientific expertise. We use a large-N national survey to gauge the effects of religion, education, and political attitudes of opinions towards scientists and willingness to accept scientific policy recommendations.

The Effects of Campaign Outreach

Political scientists still do not know all that much about the aggregate effects of political campaigns. Using a field experimental design in the context of an actual partisan campaign in a large state, we estimate the effects of specific modes of outreach as well as the overall influence of the campaign on candidate favorability and turnout.

Electoral College Strategies, 1952-2016

Using records from presidential libraries and the personal papers of candidates, this study catalogs how campaigns have categorized states in an effort to win an Electoral College majority. Data on candidate visits and TV advertising are also gathered to ascertain the extent to which outreach adheres to strategy. 

Does Campaign Finance Reform Affect Perceptions of Corruption?

The Supreme Court had famously ruled that limits on First Amendment free speech privileges are justifiable insofar as they limit "the appearance of corruption." But precious little research actually explores the link between campaign finance regulation and public opinion. This project relies on national survey data--pre- and post-Citizens United--to test this link.

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